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Posted by markdohle , 22 December 2006 · 29 views

In the souls of those we meet,
Our loved ones,
Hated ones,
The good and the evil,
Those beautiful
And all the others more plainly garbed with natures gifts,
Bear the wounds of Christ.

Each wears the invisible stigmata,
Deep pain often not felt,
It effects however, are.
Loneliness, colder and darker than an artic night,
Promises not kept,
Passion for union never experienced,
Harm done to others and of course to oneself,
These are the fruits of the invisible stigmata.

Badges of Godís closeness however obscure,
Sharing in Christ suffering since God is now one with man.
Our sufferings while in darkness
Are observed and one with the light,
Experiencing our pain, angst, loneliness to the full.
Each suffers once,
God suffers with all,
In the eternal moment where all other moments dwell.

The why-ness of all I have not a clue,
Like a child I do not understand the need of all the drama,
Pain passed on from generation to generation,
Children carrying the sins and wounds of their parents,
Relayed until the cycle is broken.

Faith is a road in its own way just as dark as those who do not believe,
As the heart grows,
God draws closer,
Oneness is it own conclusion
Allowing one to rest in faith in the eternal,
The other,
The nameless one without form,
Revealed in a way we could understand
Simply as infinite love,
Another mystery to delve.

Mystery within mystery,
Something infinitely knowable
Yet never known,
The experience unending, eternal.