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Within the heart

Posted by markdohle , 21 January 2007 · 33 views


Are we evil or are we good?
The human heart, is it filled with love,
Or is indifference to others it natural state?
Concerned only for its own,
Caring not for those who are other.

Love for our own,
Parents for their children,
Children for their parents,
Love between husband and wife,
The deep sharing with friends,
Our tribe, nation, religion, family,
Is not the love we are called to.
Love and need often go hand in hand,
A grace to be treasured,
Yet based on instinct and need,
We are called to go beyond that.

The love needed for the healing of the world,
A world torn by war,
Opposing religions and ideologies
Is different than all other loves.
Its roots fed by the well spring of the infinite,
To see others as oneself,
As sacraments of the divine,
As beloved,
Made in the image and likeness of God.

Love such as this can exist only with the grace and healing of God,
The soul embraced by infinite love,
Purified by the fire of Godís spirit,
Seeing into the heart,
Beyond race,
Male or female,
All are equal before God.  

Only grace,
The gift,
Freely given to those who seek,
Who ask,
Can the healing of the world happen.
Beyond ego, or personal gain,
Is the only path to peace.  

The battle is within each human heart,
Inner conflict certain,
Yet seek we must this healing grace
Given to the extent that we are ready.

Where is the battle between good and evil fought?
Look within there you will find it.
The world only the stage where it is played out
In all of its detail, blood and pain.