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Posted by markdohle , 09 February 2007 · 27 views

Life is filled with tragic events,
The chalice overflowing with its wine of suffering spilled out,
Dark red, the color of blood,
Pungent, leading to extremes behaviors,
Heartbreaking in itísí intensity, causing others to flee,
The naked pain too much to absorbed,
Like a flood sweeping across the land unstoppable,
Flows the dark red wine from the golden chalice
Forcing all to drink,
Some drown; sink to the bottom never seen again,
Others survive for a while until the peace of death finally takes them.
Life can be so hard, one damn thing after another,
Yet people love, share, help and heal,
In small ways and great,
Pain and healing, death and life, joy and pain,
Both in balance, though at times it cannot be seen.
Faith may be needed for that,
To see the light in the darkness,
The healing amidst the pain
Hoping against hope of Godís love
In a world often seeming to have gone mad