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In plain sight

Posted by markdohle , 10 February 2007 · 34 views

The human heart seeks that, which it desires most,
Sometimes desperate in its search,
Often self destructive in the solace it seeks,
Attracted to that which often brings death,
It fruit rage, anger, the seeking after revenge,
Leading only to further pain and isolation.

The human heart is deep, bottomless it its thirst,
Seeking in the finite, what only the infinite can fulfill.
Desiring to captured what cannot be contained,
To own that which is free without constraint,
Already giving what is desired;
Yet the gift unfound.Our songs, stories, longings point to this,
It name often misused,
Often abused.
Love is what is hidden in plain sight
Free in its offering, deep its demands,
Undemanding yet passionate in its pursuit,
Jealous for the heart filled with loneliness and pain.Paradox reigns,
Even in human love this is true,
Death leads to life,
Sacrifice to fulfillment,
The greater the gift the more received,
An unending dance if it is true that love is stronger than death.

The love of God,
For all it holds true,
To cling is to lose,
Grasping leads to the death of love.