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Man child

Posted by markdohle , 12 February 2007 · 58 views

Underneath the roughness and anger, the bullying behavior,
Is a man childlike in his soul, with walls built for protection,
From a world filled with events that bring swift pain, wounding deep.
Wounding first, before a thrust can be parried, defensive, always on alert.
Giving the illusion of complete control over others, when in fact, not true,
Driven by others to take stances not needed, leading others to fear,
When in fact no fear is needed, it is all charade, a masquerade,
Something that the desperate do, while not knowing they are in fact that.
Trusting leads from time to time to abandonment to another’s will,
Goodwill more precious than gold, leading to deep loyalty to the one trusted in……
The bully or the child…..which is true, real, solid, substantial, enduring(?),    
Nether both are illusions needing to be let go of, both based on need,
Neither based on truth, its roots not based in reality, but a nightmare,
A projection outward and believed to be truth, leading to a continual cycle,
Anger, trust, rage, love, abandonment, betrayal, and yet again anger.