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Unfinished symphonies

Posted by markdohle , 13 April 2007 · 28 views

She at times drives me to distraction with her neediness,
Calling me, just wanting to talk about things,
Perhaps to cry over hurts she has accumulated,
Or complains about her friend,
The one she loves.
Not young anymore, has not been for a long time,
Nearing her 70ís,
Yet like a teenager in her desires for someone,
A man to come swooping in and save her,
To ride off into the sunset,
Which of course will never happen.
She is intelligent,
Well educated and articulate.
It is her emotions that get her in trouble,
Uncontrolled, manic even at times,
She is on medication that help a bit,
Keep her out of a mental institution.
A good teacher from what I have heard.
Her boy friend helps her with the rent,
However is some ways abusive,
Makes promises and does not keep them,
ďWe will do something over Easter time he promisesĒ,
Does not call,
Drives her crazy so she calls me to vent,
Like a child hurt for the first time,
Each time,
Why canít she learn,
Protect herself?
Not comprehending how he could do that to her.
It happens over and over again,
The cycle set,
She is unable to break it.
I often make her angry when I do not agree with her assessment,
Over why he does what he does?
I try to bring the responsibility to her,
Her boyfriend himself is caught,
He helps,
Perhaps more than he should,
Then anger,
Over and over again.
I have learned to listen,
Be devilís advocate,
Then let her be,
She has to do what needs to be done.
I am not sure I would be doing better if I was in her place,
Donít know,
So all I can do is listen,
Have boundaries that I need,
And trust in the process of life
That she can learn, and will,
Is it wrong to believe that?
Perhaps it is true,
In the end,
When death comes,
We are all unfinished symphonies.

bLu3 de 3n3rgy
Apr 13 2007 08:09 PM
Sounds like she has a great friend in you original.gif
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Apr 13 2007 10:18 PM
^ aye.

I liked this entry. original.gif
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Thanks for the comments; yes i guess we are friends, though it can be wearisome at times....but friends are there for each other.

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she sounds like a complete pain in the backside, to me.

you have more patience than I, mark!
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QUOTE(Saint @ May 10 2007, 09:41 AM)
she sounds like a complete pain in the backside, to me.

you have more patience than I, mark!

LOL some truth to that, thanks for the comment.

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