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They sat

Posted by markdohle , 16 April 2007 · 43 views

They sat and simply stared like they did in the past,
The day they first met so many years ago,
So much promise and joy seemed to be there,
The seeds planted waiting to sprout,
Flooding the world with the light of their love.


So many years later, here they are,
Staring, just that,
Both wondering what happened,
When did this cold silence start,
Becoming a chasm of separation,
Loneliness again making itself felt;
Hungry for food once there but now gone.

Each waiting in passive expectation
For the other to begin,
To reach out in vulnerability
Allowing the chance for a new beginning.


One day it began,
Frustration leading to an explosion of recrimination,
Each blaming each,
Until the crescendo reached it apex,
The aftermath leading to clarity
For love was still buried after all
Under years of boredom and routine.


They start again,
Slowly painfully to seek to know and understand,
The mystery of the one before each of them,
Man and woman in love,
Different this time around,
Deeper, more calm,
Not driven, just something that is,
It only needs to be watered,
By concern, empathy, compassion,
Possible only by truly seeing,


Over time love returns,
Really always there,
They just needed to learn to see once again
This time based on reality of their humanity
Rooted in the world,
Ready do fight for what they have,
To change if need be.


If not then only death happens for them,
Separation in fact,
Or simply sitting apart staring at one another
Wondering who it is they are with.