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Posted by markdohle , 17 April 2007 · 29 views

The path we are on must be trod,
Glass strewn along the way stepped upon,
The thorns that hem us in,
Their prick must be felt,
Wounds that bleed dealt with.
Fountains of living water we must bathe in,
When the Sun of love comes our way it should be absorbed,
Suffering, joy, pain, pleasure,
All a part of our long difficult journey,
Our pilgrimage towards we know not what.
Hope must be cultivated,
It roots allowed to take hold,
Encouraging us along when things are dark,
When the light seems to be gone from our hearts.
Faith, to perceive the divine when hidden,
Love, when emotions and feelings seem dead.
We choose,
Something that canít be escaped,
We are not victims though at times it seems so.
While loved infinitely,
Each has to walk his or her own way of the cross,
Sweating blood,
In each their Garden of Gethsemane.
Life is like that even if not wanted.
Courage is one of Godís greatest gifts to us,
So common often overlooked, not adverted too,
By those who each day choose life over death.
For when weighed down by misery,
The knowledge of sin and evil within,
By the pain and suffering in the world,
Most continue until the end.
Souls both lacerated by pain and loss and failure,
Also upheld and healed by love beyond comprehension,
Step by step move toward their goal.
It is all part of the journey,
So never give up.
Life is soon over anyway,
Like a dream it will seem when we pass through the dark gate,
Hopefully into the arms of a creator faithful and true.
Mercy offered,
Easily accepted.
Mercy given,
Something harder,
Is the great truth;
For all or in need of its healing balm.
God mercy towards us,
Our mercy towards others,
Flow from the healing we receive and must pass on.
One body,
One heart,
What we do to others we do to ourselves,
Christ is one with the Father and Spirit,
We are one with Christ,
Boundaries gone,
In Christ there is no male or female,
Greek or Jew,
Black or white,
Brown nor yellow,
One we are,
The truth not yet accepted
Nor experienced by many,
Let your light shine,
It shines when mercy is shown.