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Known only by the one

Posted by markdohle , 28 April 2007 · 49 views

The days fly by,
As if one,
Distinctions fading.
Our thoughts and experiences mostly hidden,
Deeply buried in the seemingly bottomless ocean of the unconscious.
A jumble it seems at times;
Our loves,
Worries sorrows and joys,
Seen often for what they are
A wave rising up and then once again sinking
As if it never was,
Yet it effects long lasting.
Roots hidden though sleeping still live.
Our dreams,
Flow from this deep rich inner abyss,
Grace and the demonic
Warring for the right to rule.
One by love and healing leading to life,
The other by seeking to imprison
Those snared by false promises.
Leading only downward,
One or the other,
The Eternal the only judge,
Who has our true name known only by the One.