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Posted by markdohle , 19 April 2012 · 232 views

Our beliefs are a way of seeing and being in the world

(Our beliefs are a way of seeing and being in the world)

There are times when the only way to arrive at a certain point in ones life is to simply believe and move forward in expectation.  Trust in others is one such example.  If a person believes that people are not trustworthy, then no one who is trustworthy will be found.  Trust in another is not just a one way street, it goes both ways.  If one does not except the fact the some people are solid and make good friends, then friendship cannot be returned to someone, who may want a friendship and who is fact trustworthy.  So life can be truncated while the one refusing to accept the reality of trustworthy people may have good, rational reasons…. they are however just too narrow and perhaps, though not always, based on fear of simply taking a chance.  

One who does not believe that love is possible, will in fact, live in a loveless world.  It is a self-fulfilling prophesy, a closed circle in fact which only strengthens a limiting fear based belief.  To believe that love is a reality, opens up for the believer many avenues of exploring the richness of life and the excitement of getting to know and love others.   How and what we believe is a way of seeing, of being in the world.        

To open up to the richness of reality is also a call not to fear pain and failure.  It is also a challenge not to allow those who can’t be open to a broader reality, to limit ones own life.  There are more people who are open to life, love and trust, than those who are not.  At least from my own experience….this last statement is based on my subjective experience only.

Cynicism is in fact an easy way out, easy to acquire harder and more courageous to let go of.