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Inner voices

Posted by markdohle , 15 July 2012 · 246 views

Inner voices

I would think all people have inner voices.  Some hear them, others picture their ramblings and others experience them as moods.  These inner voices are I believe from our past, imprints from others that latch onto us like parasites and live off of our moods and restlessness.  The voices don’t lie, they speak, or replay the truth they believe, but trustworthy they are not.  We either have a relationship with these voices, or they will have a controlling association with us.

When hearing these inner promptings, they need not be believed nor acted upon.  However they must not be made into an enemy, for at bottom, they are there to protect us, and perhaps there was a time in life when some of these voices were needed, but their time passes, but their strength can grow.

We are called to love ourselves, to love what God sees, which is everything within us, no matter how well buried. To embrace and not fight our compulsive inner darkness, but to present to the Lord as our gift, the only bequest we can truly give, which is our inability to grow and heal without grace and mercy.

Moral agendas are not what we are called to; we are called to a new life, one of love and of allowing Jesus’ healing into our hearts.  True morality flows from understanding the love that God has for all of us, without exception.  This leads us to truly understand what Jesus meant when he stated:  Whatsoever you do to the least of these, you do unto me”.  When truly loving, we plant seeds within all whom we meet and as we mature, we begin to see their oneness, or perhaps we see Christ oneness with them.  When we love one another, we allow that oneness to grow and deepen and bear fruit.  We plant and God waters, others have planted seeds of life in us and we spread the word by allowing the love and kindness of Christ Jesus to grow in us.

I read most of your blogs Mark, and while I may disagree with many of your beliefs and sentiments, I am in awe of your ability to express them in print. It occurred to me recently how frustrating it would be for a person with your depth of understanding and levels of empathy to be unable to transmit them so eloquently. Keep blogging and I shall keep reading them. (Old dogs are not very receptive to new tricks, but it doesn't hurt for them to evaluate their old ones now and again)
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This has to be one of the nicest comments I have ever recieved my friend.  Thank you very much for you empathy and understanding.

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