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Posted by markdohle , 20 September 2012 · 231 views


We are often invisible to each other.  We cover that reality up by using labels and then believing that they actually tell us something true about others.  We can be invisible to ourselves as well, presenting to the world at large a facade that we can come to believe as real.  I think one of the reasons many seem to fear a relationship with a personal God, is that with God, there is only what is visible, real and enduring.  Labels don’t exist before the infinite, only absolute naked truth.  

When speaking to others, we may from time to time get a glimpse of that deeper something, often hidden from the speaker himself, but then it may fade, this new insight, allowing the facades illusion to once again take control.  Sometimes words from others can make a crack in the wall, which causes anxiety and a feeling of dreaming; when it fact it can actually be a form of waking up.  

Knowing that all is known before the infinite, can allow the courage to let the walls come down…. though slowly.  I believe that I write so that I can become more visible to myself, as well as to others.  In doing that I find myself connected to a much larger community of men and women who see me more through my writing than perhaps if they knew me on a day to day basis.  My ‘face’, what I present to others, is much different than what I write.   Which is real (?), perhaps both, but the inner reality is more real I believe and harder to express in words, though writing seems to make it easier for me.  The deeper our openness to the infinite, the more real we become, less dependent on the opinion of others or on our society.  We become connected to what is eternal, real, and sees only the naked truth about all things, about us.  Nothing can be hidden, so an inner freedom and joy can be felt…..nothing to hide, nothing to fear.