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Homesickness and longing

Posted by markdohle , 21 September 2012 · 227 views

Homesickness and longing

I saw a picture the other day of a place remembered long ago, when just a lad.  Funny about nostalgia, memories wiped cleaned, filled with raw, beautiful emotions, with undertows of pain.  It is like remembering a place I have not yet been, homesickness for a home I have not seen, nor experienced.  Longing seeking a place to rest, but I can’t find it.  So I think about past places and fast forward them perhaps to a state of home coming…..something too good to be true, but I believe it none-the-less.  

It is like listening to music, any kind really.  At times I will here something so beautiful that I can see my soul flying in wide over hanging arch’s , twisting and turning, higher and higher towards what I am not sure…though it seems like home.  Music can be a key to recesses of the heart truly touched I believe by grace.  

Longing is a form of thirst, for living waters, deep, cool and bottomless, that we can dive into for an eternity and still not reach the bottom.  No, we are always at the beginning of our dive into what the heart longs for.  For the heart is finite, but has an infinite capacity to grow into love…. graces healing freely given to hearts that are filled with sand, longing for the living waters of eternal love and life and I long that all will experience this cleansing cooling fire.