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From the heart and gut

Posted by markdohle , 22 September 2012 · 237 views

From the heart

Speaking from the heart is not easy and I have not achieved that very often in my life.  When not speaking from the heart I get into the mode of trying to impress someone, or perhaps even everyone, with my deep penetrating intelligence; which I believe is as common as mud.  It is easy to figure out others, or for that matter my own faith and what is wrong with it…in the end however I believe it is a form of disassociation, a way to get attention from myself.  I have found when I actually speak from the heart, good things happen.  It is also something I like to see in others and  find that when I am speaking to another man or woman, who understands our common human situation and speaks honestly, there seems to be a healing on both sides.  We see each other if only for a brief time.

In prayer, it is important to pray from the heart, the gut. To be present to all that one is afraid of looking at and understanding that it is  ‘grace’ that is asking us to ‘speak’ this before the Lord of light.  Again, I am not sure that I am there often.  I know when I am not in that sacred space by how I relate to others, even if it only in my interior.  Prayer has a way of bringing things into perspective, in ways that others may not understand or appreciate.  There are times when I am in struggle and don’t want to bring it in prayer to the Lord. It is then when a prayer friend will say something to me that shows that they have a prayerful heart and I find myself bristling when I hear them.  They are seeking to speak with me heart to heart and to bring God’s healing, loving call to conversion, to my attention and I often resist.

Speakers who don’t bring into their talks their own struggles and human intrigues, short circuit what they can bring to others.  If a speaker wants to get someone’s interest, just bring in ones own life situation into the mix and those who are listening will perk up and listen and often find some healing in the process.  To speak from the heart, or to write from ones deepest center is an opening for Christ Jesus to do his work of healing….it is also a form of seeing, when others are allowed to look within ones own inner sanctum and in doing so, find a brother and sister on the same road towards union with God.

Sep 23 2012 08:22 PM
I think this notion is what is and will be central in the healing processes for all of us. First and foremost, and I see this in your writing, you see the value in facing the truth within yourself and spend time seeking it and letting it manifest in your world. This is not easy - per se, always, but we are able to achieve it because we have access to God through prayer.  We can always agree with ourselves. We are always in the state of agreement even when our opinions are changing, and the opinions of others are not as harsh when the opinions are just the two who are alone in the room together, them being, yourself and God. The harder route is applying this communication with others, getting past superficiality in our relationships, becoming vulnerable, healing together after (gently) hurting each others egos and prides.

Thank you, I love this entry, it really made me think....
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Thank you very much my friend.

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