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Prayer a way of life

Posted by markdohle , 06 October 2012 · 211 views

Prayer, a way of life

Prayer if kept up becomes a way of seeing reality in a different way.  To experience the love of God in all circumstances and events in ones life.  It also connects us with all, for when we pray we never do it in isolation, for it is an answer to grace when people pray.  Granted some prayers can be childish, yet that is OK, we all mature, grow, and as we do that our understanding of God and how God works in our world changes and deepens, we never get to the end of it.  No contracts with God, none of us are protected, Christ Jesus shows us that by the way he died, his pain and his feeling of rejection by God.  Yet he died forgiving all and he rose, prayer leads to deeper life and love.

God is personal and loving, people seem to resent that or fight it, yet it answers the deepest yearning of human hearts, or most of them.  In prayer we drink from the living water, in saying the Our Father there is no me or I, but only we; a prayer for all, no one is left out.  It is easy to make shallow and snide remarks about prayer if not experienced, but again, it takes years of slow growth to mature in this prayerful way of life and those who have not walked this path will not understand, nor do I expect them to.  They have their own path, and I pray for them, for again, no one is left out when one prays with the heart.

In him we live and move and have our being.