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Ripple effect

Posted by markdohle , 15 October 2012 · 393 views

Ripple effect

Gentleness is underrated and by many seen as weakness….When in fact it may be one of the strongest forces in the world.  What we do, our actions, ripple outwards, expanding, be it for good or evil.  Anger begets anger, hatred inspires more hatred and it seems easy to go that route.  Evil, sin, ignorance, whatever you want to call it, is basically self-centered, seeking to force the universe to go one particular way; my way.  It is doomed to failure and only drags the world down.  The so called cosmic battle is fought in one heart at a time.  One heart is touched at a time, injured or healed, then passed on.  Governments will not make the world a better place unless those work from the bottom up live out what they proclaim.

Lord use me this day,
allow me to be touched as well,
by those who cross my path,
for I bring those with me on my pilgrimage;
those I meet on the way,
no matter how slight the exchange.
my thoughts, words and deeds,
and yes my prayers,
are more important than I know,
our connections deeper than I understand.

Lord, helping is natural to us,
if only  my heart would expand
and not fear the pain that love
and compassion bring,
for the inner agony of loves loss
is worse the than the pain
of loves growth and expansion.