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Rapidity of life

Posted by markdohle , 16 October 2012 · 286 views

Rapidity of life

Life is so precious and so short.  When younger, way younger, say 14, I thought that we had lots of time.  Then when I was 25 and with a monk who was dying at 88 and he said to me, "where has the time gone", I was dumfounded.  Hey I thought, 88 years is a long time.  Well it ain't, our days go by like smoke or mist, I am not sure, take you pick.  Some times this is a comfort, the rapidity of life, at others, well I can get anxious, nothing to hold on to.  It is like dancing on air, flying with ones arms flailing with nothing there to grasp or to hold on to.

Then of course there is God, Jesus, the eternal, the lover of all…. dancing in there with me, us, the universe.  Then I feel a joy that comes up, something takes hold of me and all I want to do is laugh and dance.....well I think about it LOL, my back and knees would preclude that.  We are flowers of the field, yet knowing that can also enrich our lives; make them deeper and more meaningful and yes happy.  Even with my aging body, the pains and medical problems, I would not want to be a day younger, it is a pilgrimage our days on this beautiful, confusing planet and each stage of life is just as important as the ones that went before....old age is the most important stage for me........love calls, I often respond poorly, yet the invitation is always there and as I age the relationship with the transcendent is more trusting and I can accept more and more that we are all loved and cherished by God.  How some can think that is an escape from reality is beyond me, for the human heart can only be filled with the infinite.  We are finite beings with an infinite capacity for love.