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Posted by markdohle , 22 October 2012 · 261 views


I am not a very good cook.  Well I can’t cook at all.  The last time I did something as foolish as that was when I was a teenager.  Now, well, I can use a microwave.  So yesterday I decided to fix Luke an egg and cheese sandwich.   So I was happily humming along, made the sandwich, a true work of art.  Everything, was in place….nicely stacked cheese and an egg, between two pieces of bread.  I put it in the micro-wave and still humming waited for the ‘ding!”.   Still humming happily along I opened up the door and my humming stopped and I gasped.  I also said something with the word holy in it, but won’t repeat it here.  The plate was still normal, but the whole sandwich had tranconfimulated into a puddle!  Everything was limp, loose and covered in gently moving cheese, as it languidly, slowly, beautifully, ramsucked off the plate.  I sighed and thought, there goes my gourmet TV show.  Just think, unique ways to make a melted cheese sandwich; surprise your family, your date, think big, your boss, with your free flowing creativity.  I scooped everything into the trash and started over, trying to be philosophical about it all, but failed.  This time I did not put the timer on 3 minutes, but only on 2.  It came out profundewonderfar.  Luke was happy, I was happy, the first sandwich was not; well it was not eaten, so maybe it did come out the winner.