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Slowly expanding

Posted by markdohle , 22 October 2012 · 256 views

William is in a good mood this evening.  It makes me happy to see that.  Sometimes he is sad and angry, then happy, one alternating mood after another.  Today, he has been peaceful all day, except for a few minutes in the morning.   Yes a blest day.

Luke is still giving me bananas.  I hope when I am 101 I can be that thoughtful.

Life is good, time goes by so fast, like a runaway train, I am slowly learning, that this understanding, actually allows me time to savor those moments that fly by.

God is good, my heart is slowly expanding, it takes a lifetime I guess, I am a slow learner.  I guess we all wrestle with God, he wounds us in the fight and it causes a limp, so I limp and keep moving.  Love is the oil that heals the soul, prayer is what keeps the heart open, and people, well they keep us learning and forgiving and yes failing and getting up again.

I am good at limping and getting back up.....it is a grace, it all is, let us pray for all, and seek to love all.  My heart is still little and hard at times, yet the living waters continually soak my heart and as the years go by it is beginning to soften....perhaps if I live to be 101 I may be almost there.....or perhaps it is an eternal journey....for being made in the image of God, perhaps we are a mystery that will never be fully reached, for only God knows our names.

Never give up hope, no matter what the inner voices say, or others try to put on you, love is stronger than death, infinite, we are all loved in this manner…..that is why we are called to love one another.