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They are many (thanksgiving)

Posted by markdohle , 21 November 2012 · 318 views


They are many


As I get older, and time goes by even faster (I will be 64 next week), I have come to understand that each moment is precious, even the painful ones. For all things pass, but the thing that stays for the whole journey, that heals, is the love I seek to develop.  As well as the kindnesses that others do for me, and my ability to let go of all that impedes me on my road, to ever greater and deeper inner freedom.  We each have a path. As a Christian, I believe it is trust and the choice to trust, in spite of all that points to the contrary that is the path that leads to the death to self that Jesus calls us to.  Love of self at least for me is still a struggle, yet the burden of self doubt and self contempt lessens as I age. One day I believe the Lord will fulfill his mission in my heart, as well as in all hearts, of all those who seek love and truth.

Thanksgiving is just a call to grow deeper into love, gratitude and the understanding that this is the seed that allows the soul to soar, even if life at times is rough, painful and makes no sense.  I think most of us will find ourselves there at different times in our lives.  The most amazing people I have met are those who have gone through the roughest times and come out filled with love, hope and trust.  They have sweat blood and come out intact.  They are healers of others, people of deep compassion and understanding….they are many and all around us, often not knowing the gifts they bring to others, yet healers they are.