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The path

Posted by markdohle , 16 December 2012 · 250 views

The path

Some mornings,
during my time of prayer,
my mind can be so un-present,
rootless and scattered.

No word from scriptures can find rest;

You Lord are present;
it is I who am not.

So I just stay with ‘that',
my messiness,
lack of focus,
perhaps boiling from inner anxieties,
for I can be so blind to myself;
I often have no clue.

Words from scriptures roll off my soul,
so I just sit and allow them to sink in,
like water on very hard soil,
just trusting in life,
the process that we all go through,
in this desolate tract of a world.

The path you call me (us) to walk
is often hidden within a larger route;
an all encompassing tradition.

For we each pray distinctively,
meditate uniquely,
only you knowing and showing the way,
often more by unknowing and faith
than by insight and understanding.