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Just a piece of the puzzle

Posted by markdohle , 20 December 2012 · 253 views

Just a piece of the puzzle

We seek meaning,
also justice,
longing for balance
in a world over wrought.

Justice is not found at all,
revenge often is
its almost evil twin,
yet so unlike.

It is like drinking from the ocean,
it does not quench thirst,
it just kills what it seeks,
and the cycle remains.

Longings stay,
like an itch that will not go away,
we try to scratch to no avail
it is just too deep
it cannot be reached.

Do we have a soul?
Seeking to fill it-self with nourishment,
but finds itself starving instead?

We long for roots
in a world without permanence,
we have no real home,
perhaps only memories
long past,
painted in pastels,
as if the past were our Garden-of-Eden.

We question an empty sky,
some say they receive an answer,
others laugh and say not so,
it is a dream, a vapor,
which does not exist.

My faith is often over an abyss,
bottomless and dark,
yet it continues to grow
and to reach for what is not conceivable,
as if I am lead by a light I can’t see,
yet in some way perceive:

It says to me:

“Things are not what they seem,
all of you are wrong in your perceptions,
it is so for a reason,
for the road of unknowing,
of doubt and struggle make your soul strong,
and in the end fearless.’

‘Reality is harsh, true,
your thirst deepens as well,
yet I accompany you in your sojourn,
all of you,
even though I am not perceived,
I am existence itself,
even more than that,
so embrace doubt and believe,
unbelief is not the strong path,
for it gives up on what all are called to,
a relationship with love unending,
hidden for now,
but one day will be revealed,
for your seeking flows from your being my child’.