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The gift

Posted by markdohle , 23 December 2012 · 292 views

The gift

Christmas is a time of joy for those who believe in Christ Jesus.  It is more than just gift giving, as important as that is for us all.  To give and to receive from loved ones is a very important event in our lives.  For Christians, Christmas is a time of ‘The Gift’, a gift of love so great that God wrote himself into our story, our lives, our sufferings and joys.  In the Incarnation, we see the personal aspect of God’s immanence made flesh.  Showing us the intimacy that was always there, now made manifest to all.

The hearts true north

Within the heart of an infant, the universe dwells,
we are each precious in his sight,
though at times perhaps hard to understand
and for many impossible to believe.

Cynicism often hides terror;
the fear of believing
that the hearts deepest longings,
may be a true north
for the heart.

I am at times tempted
by the cold alluring embrace
of the cynical within.