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The barge

Posted by markdohle , 30 December 2012 · 224 views

The barge

So we sail upon this barge
moving aimlessly over a deep unruly sea,
we hold hands and laugh and sing,
work and play as if everything is fine,

Though we know it is not so.

This craft we travel together on
is flimsy and weak beyond all telling,
so we cling to one another until it sinks.

This we all know to be so.

Our fears often hidden deep within,
for our inner lives are a deep ocean as well,
recesses hiding our terror
as well as our deepest longings,
often too painful to ponder.

What we seek often tortures us,
for we can’t seem to quench that thirst,
no human love can fill the void
that is wider and deeper
than our universe.

Infinite longing seeks in like,
the living waters that can only fill,
inner and outer oceans perhaps are one,
showing us the answer though often not seen.