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Elegant old woman

Posted by markdohle , 30 December 2012 · 315 views

Elegant old woman

As I was walking towards the book store,
on a cloudy and windy day,
low flying dark clouds
with the hint of coming rain;

I noticed an old woman walking from her car,
bent over, wearing a green scarf,
with an elegant cane,
polished and black,
with a sliver handle,
clasped by her small hand,
which was covered by an expensive looking black glove,
Her face thin,
lined and wrinkle,
blue eyes,
and a gentle smile for everyone;
As I watched her,
a woman who has grown old with grace,
I pondered,

If she ever wakes up on a morning such as this
and wonders how she could have become so old,
so fast;

Like magic.

For was it not just yesterday that she was young,
beautiful and limber in body?

Conceivably she smiles with such gentleness,
warmth and compassion,
because she understands how precious the moment is,
so fleeting, then part of a long winding past;
yet the present remains.

Perhaps she has accepted life and its moments so fleeting;
the good, bad, painful and pleasurable experiences that all pass,
and in doing so has remained elegant,
beautiful and glowing,
for she does not cling.

Who knows?

I know that I wake up on some mornings
astounded that I am now ‘older’,
each year speeding by  faster,
and in knowing that
I no longer get bored,
for the worst of days is precious,
and I am learning to embrace
the common experience
of everyday life.