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New Day, New Year, New Moment

Posted by markdohle , 30 December 2012 · 381 views

New day, New Year, New Moment

One year ends, another begins. It is like a fresh morning for many, though deep down it is known to be only pretend. Perhaps each day is in reality a "New Year", a fresh beginning that slowly wilts as the day comes to an end. Pressures build up, focus can be lost and fatigue can at times be unrelenting. It can seem so absurd. However, for the believer life does have a purpose, one that can be forgotten in the hurly burly of life. It is to see the one before me, to love that person, not to use that human being made in the image and likeness of God. Doing so will put me at odds with many others. How do I treat those who work for me? How do I treat my family, strangers, and acquaintances? Do I forget what is important, and allow relationships to die because of issues that are in the long run less important than the deep relationship I have with those around me. New day, New Year, New Moment, mercy given and received, always there for the asking, all that is needed is to open ones heart to grace that simply 'is', present and shown its true nature (for Christians) by Our Lord Jesus Christ. I often fail, but I get up. Slowly I have learned to look to Jesus, not to myself, for in grace and healing come the gifts that build up not only myself, but others up as well.

Jan 01 2013 04:44 AM

A Happy New Moment, :-*

And a Happy Healthful, :clap:

Prosperous   :tu:  and

Beautiful   :stNEW YEAR....

God Bless You Always :innocent:
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