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This New Year

Posted by markdohle , 31 December 2012 · 268 views

This New Year

I pray the New Year for you will be blessed,
that new beginnings will bring deeper hope,
and a desire to grow in spirit;

To love more deeply and to fear less,
to face your inner demons
with love and compassion,

Never giving up no matter the failures,
to get up for our greatest enemy
is to despair,
to sink,
so easy to do,
sinking under the waves.

Swim broadly and with strength,
if tired, to learn to float a bit,
to smile in the face of inner turmoil
and outer chaos,
for no matter  your inner or outer state,
the New Year points to God's infinite love,
and that every moment is a new beginning,
on our long and often arduous journey.

Reach out to others this New Year,
to those you perhaps overlook,
for within them is a fine treasure.

So embrace the lonely,
the outcast,
listen and  simply ‘see’ who is before you,
and your light will grow,
your warmth spread,
in a world often dark and lonely.