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The dying (a prayer)

Posted by markdohle , 05 January 2013 · 245 views

The dying
(a prayer)

Outside of time you reside O Lord,
for I now pray for all the dying,
in all times and all places,
the young and old,
those who have never known love,
for those who have,
for the rich and the poor,
for those who have done great evil,
for their victims,
their families and towns and villages,
those who where tortured to death,
and those who have tortured,
who have died from hunger,
the abused and the abusers,
the young and the old,
for those who have died alone,
in dark and cold places
with no one to mourn them,
while they are known and loved by you,
for all of these I pray my beloved,
for all are your children,
all are loved.

Only infinite mercy and love can understand,
I don’t for my love is slight and conditional,
my anger deep and desire for revenge present,
even if at times there is one to place it on.

Life forms us,
hate deforms others,
children abused can become monsters,
war begets more war,
our blood has perhaps become a deep river,
almost bottomless in its depth,
for hatred and desire for revenge
is insatiable,
only love can heal,
the balm is forgiveness
that only your grace
can bestow,
and in being forgiven,
in understanding what that means,
with the grace of self-knowledge,
can we forgive as well.

It is all grace.