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I am a soul in hell

Posted by markdohle , 05 January 2013 · 340 views

I am a soul in hell

In a place of cold unloving I reside,
my inner being delights in hate,
love is a flame that causes me pain,
so I prefer the dark and aloneness.

I hate all who are in the light,
detesting the happiness that they have,
wishing only that they join me
in my eternal rage turned within,
they being here
giving me something to batter,
to relieve this everlasting
building of inner hate.

How I wish to have the good to torture,
those pious fools who love God and light,
whose very presence blinds and suffocates my soul,

if only there was a deeper darkness to go.

I was not sent,
I flung myself here,
my true home my refuge,
from that light that beckons me
that I can’t abide in.

I regret nothing,
repentance is not for me,
my place is here
for eternity,

Care to join me?

Jan 05 2013 08:59 PM
Been there long time now......
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Maybe a lot of us have

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