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Trust the process

Posted by markdohle , 15 January 2013 · 326 views

There is a proverb that always seems to speak to me…..”Trust the process”…..a simple statement no doubt, but when meditated upon when going thru some change in life, can be very helpful, and even comforting.  

Change can bring to the surface many conflicting emotions, and feelings; excitement, fear, and anxiety, with each flowing thru the conscious awareness one after another, sometimes perhaps being experienced all at once.  Causing a swift experience of “ups” and “downs”, that can be unnerving, and exhausting.  Sort of like being on a roller coaster with no end in sight, to an already unpleasant ride. Yet there are times in everyone’s life when this has to happen, since so many changes need to be made, in order to move on with one’s life.  

It can be starting a new job, getting married, moving, getting promoted, or simply taking on some new responsibilities that will take a lot of energy and time to learn.  Like a person who is more intuitive, and global, in their thinking, taking on a job that is more detail orientated.  Something that can seem daunting, but in reality can be learned with patience, all it takes is learning to slow down and take one aspect of the job as it comes up, the over all picture will come later.

The trick is, to really “trust the process”, that whatever needs to be gone thru is allowed to happen; with the desire to move forward and learn still intact , and the possibility of failure always there, but excepted as part of the equation.  I think the possibility of failure adds a little spice to the whole experience.  Not knowing the outcome is what brings up the emotional roller coaster ride in the first place, it is an ego thing.  

Life is about expansion, either in our relationship with the world outside of ourselves, or with our own inner world. Both are entwined, so there are times in our lives when we need to be able to move outward and learn, at other times to go inward and grow in that direction.   Not to do so is to start a life that…. “Does not trust the process”…. and that can cause a lot of restriction and blockage in how life is dealt with.

Trying and failing, is far superior to not trying at all because of some supposed fear of failing.  Failure is just as much a part of life as succeeding, both are important in allowing us to get over the fragile ego syndrome.

Fear is there to warn us of some threat, which is good, it keeps us safe.  There are times however when feeling ‘safe’ is just an excuse not to step out and take a chance.  I suppose the only way I can deal with fear is to face it, probably a temperamental thing, I can’t do otherwise, the regret is too great if I don’t.