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Soon gone

Posted by markdohle , 12 February 2013 · 246 views

Soon gone

We each go about our day
Sometimes present and aware, at others not,
Often thinking those we love are forever.
So we often becoming immune to their presence,
Taken for granted like furniture,
Always there, needing little attention or care,
Often careless in what is said,
Communication of any depth not sought or desired,
Don’t we have infinite tomorrow’s?

Then the hole appears,
Where once warmth and light resided,
Gone forever who can prepare,
The pain of loss beyond all telling,
Regrets over opportunities lost,
Haunted my memories of smiles,
Perhaps cutting words said, not taken back,
Only voids were fullness unheeded once resided.

The lesson often not learned,
Knowing in such a way too naked
To see those we love as temporary,
In the end,
Closer to the morrow, the bone,
The “I” is passing,
Soon gone,
Not even the faintest whisper remaining.

So we gather our losses one by one,
The emptiness growing with each year,
First this one,
Then another, piling up over the years,
Sometimes at peace about it,
At others filled with rage and terror,
Like the weather the inner weather changes
Unstable in focus,
That only faith deep within can heal,
Even if the dark and unknown remain.

It's a beatiful poem. We bury many things, but that's the way of life. Life exists through the contrast of death. Without death, there would be no life, but mere existence.

The haunting of our own personal ghosts. It can really drive one mad. Letting go of things dear to you isn't easy. Since it's a choise, it's easy to let the ghosts roam within us. Nobody can really take away that choise from you. But if you listen to those ghosts, face what truly begrudges them, take in their raging, bitterness and sorrow with open heart, show your sincere apology, and place a flower on the graves of those once-good memories you still have, even if you might not always see the good there... then the ghosts can find peace. Their howls truly mean "give yourself peace, and live on for the goodwill was always there". The more you bury, the number you become, and that's very sad when you realise the sadness of a passing only months after, sometimes years. To overcome that numbness we live more fully, even if it costs us.
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Thank you very much, what a beautfiul thoughtful comment.

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