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Posted by markdohle , 20 February 2013 · 183 views


It is hard to see friends age,
their bodies weaken and grow slow,
to hear them cough over and over again,
and their appetite fading slowly.

Perhaps it is more difficult,
more anguish involved,
to see loved ones suffer,
that it is when we do.

Love takes on the burdens of those loved,
a price well worth paying,
yet I wish it were otherwise.

The knowledge that we are pilgrims
is not often a pleasant reality to dwell on,
for our lives are short,
and many die before their allotted years.

May God have mercy on all of us,
who walk in the desert,
seeking comfort or home,
yet we often find little of each
for our hearts are deep
and only are filled
with infinite love;
we are restless until we rest
in the arms of our Loving Savior.