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The finest wine

Posted by markdohle , 09 March 2013 · 246 views

The finest wine

Luke is taking to the air,
not being confused or lost,
just going over his life
talking to someone listening,
going over his youth,
talking to Christ I guess
who is infinite patience.

Talking about his conversion,
his life of seeking God’s love and will,

So I went into his room and he smiled
Looked at me, welcoming;
we talked for a short while,
he asking me why he is still here,

I responded:

“Perhaps because you bring so much joy”

He smiled and then laughed.

So I put out the light,
and within minutes he began again,
going over his life,
just speaking truth,
though I don’t listen in
just get bits and pieces
of a man who loves God
and perhaps getting things in order
by reviewing his life.

I told him a few weeks ago,

“Luke you’re like a ripe apple
waiting to drop from the tree,
but one filled with the finest wine”.

It is important to be attentive to the fact that life is most likely more open ended than we would like to believe.  Knowing this can lessen our instinct to be overly defensive when talking with others.