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My chosen path

Posted by markdohle , 02 April 2013 · 252 views

My chosen path

I was watching on YouTube an episode of “Thinking twice”.  This program host debates, some of which I find very interesting.  I was watching one the other day about science and if it has done away with the need for God.  Both sides were courteous in presenting their points and I enjoyed listening to them.

As I age I am beginning to understand how difficult it is for two opposing sides to communicate with one another, at least to the point where either side feels listened to.  As a Christian I of course listened more closely to those who I agree with it and less so, though it was not intentional, to those with whom I did not share their views.

On the level of debate, I doubt truth will ever be found, though points can be made from one side to the other.  It is a gift to be able to face opponents, to state points as well as to listen to their position and observations.  It is of course all about language and how we interrupt others, which has it roots in our preconceived world view, or narrative, in how we deal and seek to understand reality.

Everything has been said I believe.  Perhaps it is the intolerance that needs to be addressed that is often present when two different world views collide.  It can bring out the worst in both sides of the fence.  I believe that contempt is based on fear of the other point of view, even if it is unconscious.  For it would seem obvious that people who think about their beliefs and keep them, have found good reason to do so.  Why it is so hard to respect that is perhaps not so difficult to understand.  My own inner life, my heart and my fears are good teachers in how easily I can fall into the same trap.

We all need to make ‘jumps’ for those we know and love if their world view is different than ours.  I have non-Christian friends who are seekers after truth do that for me.  For as a devout Christian, I do use language that reflects that when dealing with the mysteries of life.  So why would I not expect that from those who come from a different perspective.  None of us has to give in, or give up or beliefs when we respect the journey of others in their own journey of understanding.  When heads collide, it is our egos that can cause all the trouble, since being in control and having all the answers is of great importance, while listening and dealing with the emotions that come with seeking to understanding others comes from somewhere else entirely.  That is why anxiety can be present, for we walk on a path that is ever knew when we seek to understand others and to at least seek to listen to them.

I have chosen my path, I seek to deepen it, and I should give that right to others as well.

Apr 04 2013 10:43 PM
Wonderful post, golden words.
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Thank you my friend.

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