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The hearts true home

Posted by markdohle , 20 April 2013 · 215 views

The hearts true home

Let me learn Lord that the beauty I see in others, and yes the longings that go with it, point to your beauty and my hearts true home.  Friendship, marriage and belonging are ways that draw us deeper into the mystery of our aloneness, and no matter how deep our relationships become, that inner emptiness will never be filled by the finite, but only by infinite love.  Our hearts are made to expand eternally in a relationship of love and union and ecstasy.  What is tasted here for a short time, or sought after for a life time, is fulfilled in your loving embrace O Lord. May it be so for all of your creation, who seek you in their search of truth, beauty and yes love; the root of it all.

As water is for the body,
so is love for the soul.