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The gift

Posted by markdohle , 01 May 2013 · 315 views

The gift

I was walking
doing my meditation
it was the softest evening
the sun setting
long beautiful shadows
gracing the fields
with barn swallows
flying, zigging and zagging
the way barn swallows do
joyful in their flight
allowing joy to become conscious
then I came upon
a tree standing quiet
I stopped observed
then without warning
silence enveloped me
a quiet without strain
no anxiety
nor fear
just an all encompassing peace
for a second I was free

I stopped
waited in the silence
out of the deep peace
a voice, or was it?
I do not know
the message
was gentle in its teaching
it said
"how can you be fearful
when surrounded by so much beauty"

it lifted

the strain, anxiety, fear
I walked on
changed in my depth
if not on the surface
I am still changing
afraid to accept the freedom
of such love
why (?) I ask myself
perhaps fear still has a hold
less yes
but I am still chained
waiting in silence and faith
staying open to the gift
that was planted
in my depths that day
slowly taking root
hopefully bearing fruit