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Our faith

Posted by markdohle , 05 July 2013 · 304 views

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Our faith

Life is a journey, so let’s be honest, none of us ‘really’ knows where we are going after death.  I have my faith, but as St. Paul says:  “We see through a mirror darkly”, all we get are blurry images and of course there are the NDE’s, which while interesting, are not proof in the modern sense of the term about the afterlife.  For those who have an NDE, yes it is proof, the rest of us; well there is faith, which is a choice and often a hard one.  On the Christian path we believe that the New Testament is telling us of the early churches experiences of the Risen Lord, a reality that transforms our lives the more deeply we believe in this event and ponder it through our lives.  Our faith has deep roots in history, a long road that is filled with beauty as well as failure and darkness.  Yet the church continues, for in spite of our humanity which is often frail, the Holy Spirit keeps the church alive.  It is often the grass roots, the lay people who keep the faith with deep fortitude and are most loyal to what Christ Jesus demands of us.  Laymen and woman are the arms and legs of the church, and often the heart as well.