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A life long process

Posted by markdohle , 08 July 2013 · 251 views

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A life long process

Once it is decided to grow, change or to convert, whatever name you want to call it, things begin to happen in the inner life.  Conflict arises, since responsibility for ones life is taken seriously and the freedom to act without a deeper conscience is now no longer possible. If the new path in fact wants to be continued, we are always free to choose another path.   Failure is to be expected, it is all about having the courage to get back up and to persist. The deeper self knowledge is acquired, the illusion that one is getting worse may arise.  When in fact things may be getting better and noticed by those who have known them for any length of time and may not be liked at all by them; these changes towards deeper maturity and growth.  Once inner change begins, friendships may end, but new ones will come into play, though the process may be painful to all concerned.  There is always a death to an old way of life when conversion happens.  To turn away from one way of life to another is always, or let us say, for many, a painful experience.   Something good has to be let go of, for something better.  In the end it is about the expansion of the heart.  Anything less, may in fact be good, but can and most likely will, lead to frustration of a high order. If in fact it is true, that it is love, Agape love that is  what is longed for in the depths of the human heart.  All other loves point to it and can lead us to a deeper desire to experience this love ever more fully.  Agape love  is experienced as tender, healing and life giving; ever new, never growing old, nor mundane on any level of experience….though it is a life long process…in fact an eternal one, this journey will never end.