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Posted by markdohle , 10 July 2013 · 111 views


It is useless to argue over the value of other systems of belief. Those who hold them and seek to deepen their understanding of reality will seek to defend their world view, for it is an extension of their very selves and their relationship with reality. If a person changes their belief system quickly, it is because it was never that deep to begin with. Many people I believe sell thems...elves short if they do not delve into their own faith history, to seek to understand what it means beyond the “going to temple and church, to be married, baptized or buried”.

A deeply understood faith path and the mature knowledge of its limitations can enrich life and fill it with deep meaning. Those who react to abuse from their past, never free themselves from the chains of the corruption of their family faith traditions, which can be deeply wounding and have an adverse affect on their lives. At the very least, to deeply understand the heart of any one religion, and to still desire to let it go, will be an easier more gentle process than holding on to anger and resentment for a lifetime.