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The answer

Posted by markdohle , 13 July 2013 · 162 views

The answer

Everyone has an answer,
even to say there is no truth
is in its own way an assertion
of a certain fact,
an assumption really,
a world view embraced,
another certainty,
perhaps to be argued over,
articles written
and a magazine started,
well thought out,
convincing only those who think alike,
for the tendency is to see only what we want,
excluding all others and what they have to say,
making others irrational, or stupid,
brainwashed etc.

(Or evil….beneath contempt,
or consideration.)

If it were not so sad,
I guess it would be quite funny.

In reality there are no free thinkers,
nor true believers,
just people seeking some answers,
some insight into the reality
we find ourselves in,
or perhaps flung onto alien shores,
like fish gasping on the edge of the sea,
not knowing how to return
to a place called home.

Truth is out there, or perhaps ‘in there’,
waiting as we search and dig our way down,
and when it is found, or thought perhaps
to be the pearl of great price,
when held too tightly it drowns in uncertainty
seeking to buffalo others into not seeing
the often unconscious doubt.

How we long for black and white,
simple answers,
perhaps there is a simple answer,
so obvious that it is hidden in plain sight,
if so; well,
one day hopefully we will all see it.

Is it more, this reality,
or something so tight, and little,
an anal cavity in which we only think
that we are more, when in fact,
perhaps we don’t really matter at all?

Or conceivably there are no black nor white answers,
just an open ended reality that we seek
for all of our eternal journey,
into something so vast,
and beautiful that the mind sees as only darkness,
overwhelmed are we by the light of Infinite truth,
hidden in plain sight.

Ideologies are like a plastic bag placed over the head,
slowly killing those who seek to wear it,
fogging the mind, constricting the breath,
in the end, leading to death.

When religion becomes just another ideology
then it will soon die and be blown away
as ash after the fire has gone out.

We are I believe made for great expanses,
ever deeper diving into seeking,
a heart that is drawn to love,
to seeing truly and to become ever more human,
perhaps we are not that, truly human.

We are still so young.