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Who would have thought

Posted by markdohle , 14 July 2013 · 168 views

Eventful day.....a classmate contacted me that he was in Italy and needs my help, he lost his wallet and wanted me to send him money ASAP....of course I have not heard from him in 50 years.....then I got a letter from a lady in India, whose father was a man in government and she needed me to  help her to get 160 million out of the bank....all I had to do was send her my bank information and then she will give me 20% of the proceeds....wow, what luck, I sent her all the information she needed and am now waiting for the monies to come....then I can help my classmate.  I also got something in the mail that I have been put on a special list making me eligible to win 250 million dollars, but I must send in 25 dollars as soon as possible.....so if someone could please send me the 25 dollars, I will give them 10 present of my winnings, which should be coming in soon......I am so lucky....who would know that so much money is out there for me to just take.....lucky for my classmate, soon, I will be able to help him......can’t wait to see what I get in my junk mail tomorrow…..or perhaps I will just delete, too much money would ruin me……