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Brain laundered or washed or dry-cleaned

Posted by markdohle , 22 July 2013 · 176 views

Brain laundered or washed or dry-cleaned

People within anyone group will see themselves differently than those who are looking in from outside.  The closer knit the assembly, the more in agreement they are with one another, the greater the criticism that can be thrown at them.  In a secular culture, religious groups will be an easy target and the majority can have a great time castigating the smaller group.  Now just like any gathering of people that stick together, there will be of course be a lot that can be pointed out that is less than desirable and the main focus will be on that, not perhaps on other aspects that might in fact be something very desirable to have and if adopted, in point of fact be of great help the larger surrounding culture.

Brain washing is a term that is thrown around very loosely, as well as the word ‘cult’.  They of course are realities, but I believe that we are all to one degree or another victimized by this reality.  Not only in religious assemblies but in secular societies as well; though what transpires in secular culture is often overlooked because it will cause too much self reflection and perhaps even change, if too much introspection is given into.

There are thoughtful introspective people in any grouping, be it secular, or religious.  There will also be fanatics within all groups and those who could care less what their ‘group’ believes in.  Each group has intelligent people, and those who may not be so intelligent, yet we as a species continue to only want to look over the fence at others without taking care of our own back yard…..well at least much of the time.  Perhaps that is because it is more entertaining to look at the foibles of others than our own.

When I see secular society through the lens of my faith, it is easy for me to see how robotic people can get, how conditioned, how little time is allotted them to actually be able to think.  TV, radio, magazines, the glossy sophisticated ones, filled with advertisements and a few pages of mind numbing articles (there are of course exceptions), are easy to focus on and to overlook what is actually good and healthy as well.  Preconceived ideas are a huge mental block from giving ‘others’ a fair shake.

I have a suspicion that religion and philosophy are not there to give us a safe haven to hide in, but a doorway to fight against the cultural imperative to make us all safe citizens and to keep us quiet.  In today’s culture, certain ways of thinking, even of the rebellious kind, can be made acceptable and appealing. In any case, if a large segment of the population is thinking that way, getting read, applauded, are they really being rebellious?  Or just the latest herd that can be controlled but called freethinkers to sooth their egos.

If the past is totally rejected by enough people, then things go into free-fall and when the landing comes, well not sure what that looks like…. however I believe we are finding out now but the picture is not completely filled in as yet. The adage about the frog slowly being killed as the water is unhurriedly raised to a boiling point, may be true of cultures as well and religions to-boot.  Both need a make over, perhaps one that will never end, for if reality is open ended, so is growth and change and ever deeper degrees of depth and insight.  Perhaps cultures die as well as religion, because that does not happen.

I believe that I am brain washed a bit, or a lot; my mind dry cleaned and pressed, laundered, but like most people there is an itch to be inwardly free.  How that is accomplished by me may not work for others.  My faith is a key, to seek the truth and follow it….though to be honest, I am long way from doing that in a manner that is consistent, but the desire to have a loving and free heart, encourages me to continually arise and move forward and to support others on the way as well.