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Late in a waiting room

Posted by markdohle , 01 August 2013 · 244 views

Late in a waiting room
(I wrote this in 05, one of the memories that will not go away....of which I am very happy about.)

Emilio was the last one to go in for surgery on Thursday, and since the doctor was running behind, he was wheeled in a little after 3PM. I did not mind, I had some books and my journal so I was set. I am used to waiting, a good skill to develop since I do so much of it. It was nice, the waiting room was empty, the TV off, and I was sitting, reading. I heard someone walking in, and saw a woman in her 30's walking by. She was a patient, she had on a long bath robe and I could tell by the way that she walked, that she must be recovering from surgery. I said hello, and she said hi, smiled and went out for a smoke.....I went back to my book.

She came back and turned on the TV (sigh), but that was ok I can make it just back ground noise; it fades out and does not bother me. Then she looks over at me and started talking, seemed friendly and perhaps a little lonely being in the hospital and all. So I asked her if I could buy her a cup of coffee, well she jumped at that. I got both of us a cup and I sat down next to her for a chat. She was a small woman with blond hair, pretty in her own way with a very open face; trusting and I thought a very transparent personality. She laughed easily and told me about her life, her faith, her love for her family. Her grandfather seemed to be a very special man, a man of deep prayer, who helped her get thru her surgery by his just being near her, while she was waiting to go in to be operated on. She was on her third day after her procedure, and her pain was better, and she could walk straight.

She was a Pentecostal and told me about her deep faith in God and her love of the Holy Spirit. I told her of my faith and decided to say I was Catholic, just to see how she would react. She did not, she just smiled and we continued our discussion.

She told me about her Grandmother's death; "mee maw" is what she called| her.....I love the different nick names people us for their grand parents. Her "mee maw" died of cancer and the family brought her home to die. They built a special glass enclosed porch for her, and put her hospital bed there so she could look out at the garden. She was always surrounded by her| family, the great grand children were always with her, and she laughed and played with them when she had the energy. Her son would go in and see her and every night, before he left he would ask his mother to please be there in the morning when he came back. One night after he said this, his mother looked at him and said, please don't ask that of me tonight; he understood said his goodbyes, prayed with her and went home to his family. She died that night peacefully in her sleep. When she was talking to me about that, she started to cry, both from sorrow and joy that the family could do so much for her when she was dying.

We talked about dreams, and I told her about some dreams that changed my life, and she shared some of hers. We laughed a great deal, she had to hold her stomach but she told me to continue since she felt it was good for her to laugh. She went up for supper and came back later to talk some more.All in all a very pleasant couple of hours that I was thankful for.

People are beautiful and if you sit, listen, talk and laugh, and sometimes cry with them, the beauty comes out by the ton. We are filled with God's light; we just need to learn not to compare, but to just be with the one in

front of us.

Aug 02 2013 12:52 AM
i love people,  i really do... i love the story each person is

i think one of the worse things that could happen to a person would be for their story never to be heard. you are one of the few people who is not afraid to just listen. far to often it is easy to withdraw and ignore
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Thank you Willow.  You love of people does come through your writings.

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