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Meaning seeking animals

Posted by markdohle , 02 August 2013 · 224 views

Meaning seeking animals

We are meaning seeking animals and while facts are very important, when ones life has been hit hard by some sort of tragedy, facts give little comfort.  Philosophy, religion and psychology are used to help give some sort of rhyme and reason to life, but the biggest factor that takes away happiness for many is the reality that in the end all will be lost.  Youth, health, loved ones, everything will evaporate into history.  I wonder how much of our lives are built around seeking to divert our attention from this reality?

In a sense, reality is lost. In a very physical, now-existing sense. But everything is a result of something else. Chair is a result of a person making it, person is a result of their parents, parents are a result of the idea of love (hopefully) and mutual belonging. I am a result of millions of years. Lives, landscapes... it all vaned away, but if you know where you're coming from, you'll always know. Nothing is really lost but only unfound (buddhist thing about tree falling in the forest making sound). Is just a more collective & abstract take. On a personal level the loss is felt heavier.
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