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Luke's 102nd birthday

Posted by markdohle , 03 August 2013 · 200 views

Luke’s 102nd birthday

Luke had his 102nd birthday party yesterday.  We kept it simple, not like his 100th, which was a rather large affair.  There was cake, punch and lots of flowers for him.  So now his table is loaded with them, as well as cookies, which he loves.  I personally don’t like parties all that much, nor do I do birthdays, cards, etc., don’t know why, those kinds of things just don’t appeal to me.  However, Luke loves them and he certainly loves the attention.  I also think he loves to see others laugh and have a good time, which everyone did.

The older he gets the gentler and more loving his smile and the easier it is to make him happy.  When he gets tired and wants and needs to go to bed, as I am getting him ready and tucking him in, I always say, “Being tired is nice isn’t it?”, to be able to lie down and sleep”.  He smiles and says, “Oh yes indeed”, and closes his eyes and off he goes.

He is has his ‘dip;’ times, when he gets unresponsive and just sleeps.  He had that the day before his birthday. He slept most of the day, but yesterday morning, he was back to his old self and looking forward to his party later that day.  He just loves life, people, and attention, as well as giving thought to others.  After the party, in which he participated fully; when everyone was gone, he got very tired again, and ‘dipped’.  So he slept all afternoon and all night.  At the appointed time I will see if he wants to get up or not.  At his age, he can pretty much do what he wants.

He is rather amazing; I have been with him for so long that it is easy to miss.  He really does love life, and as I look back over the 43 years that I have known him, it was always there this zest; I just did not always advert to it.  We do get used to each other, but as his time here lessens, I have been given the grace to see his essential beauty, as well as the love and happiness he bestows on others.  Now he can still get cranky, which only adds to his being such an interesting person. We do have our little runs in from time to time.  Which is as it should be, he needs to express it when he feels frustrated.  He has a form of mild dementia, so he tends to forget that he can’t just get up and run around, like he could when he was just a youngster of 90.

On my 102nd birthday, if I make it, I am not sure I want a party, but if I do, perhaps I will remember the grace he bestow on those who came, as well as the joy he had in the presence of others.  Along with the humility he possesses to enjoy the attention that others gave to him.  Or, I don't know, he may be sitting next to me, still hanging on and enjoying the moment.  Of course he will be 138 years old and still no doubt enjoying life, even if I may not quite be able to do it as much as he does.  I think I may be a tad cranky over all the fuss and bother.  I think my friends will say, I will be cranky over all the fuss.