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A wonder

Posted by markdohle , 08 August 2013 · 179 views

A wonder

How the mind works,
it does what it wants,
thoughts a jumble of absurdity,
filled with flame and ice,
earthquakes and tsunamis.

Alive with impulses primal, primitive,
hidden beneath our decadent cultural masks;
sophistication a fraudulent aplomb,
as the inner turmoil takes it toll.

As if all is well in our hearts and minds,
the quagmire and tar pits
hidden beneath smiles
and the nodding of heads.

Smiling over tea, or coffee,
or perhaps a drink,
with deep drama buried beyond sight,
wounding the educated ego,
hanging over a chaotic inner abyss,
fearful of exposure as if they are alone
in their inner fragmentation suffering so,
when in fact it is common as mud.

Yet another blow to the ego,
the commonality of it all.

The true mirror of our souls,
shown us in our cities,
all the grandeur, beauty,
with the seedy side and ugly,
existing side by side,
yet unseen by the other,
or just ignored,
neither going away,
feeding off each other.