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Loving heart

Posted by markdohle , 25 August 2013 · 253 views

Loving heart

Most hearts I believe seek something
yet often filled with other things
like junk in an attic
or things misplaced
piled high in dust
in a corner that no one can see;
yet felt by the heart that seeks love.

Dark emotions that rise up
the corner often forgotten
not unlike an open wound
spewing forth…what?

Well damn-it,
ghosts perhaps from the past,
ugly when the mask is ripped off
seeking to drain the loving heart
that which seeks inner healing,
to give up the quest,
and sink into self pity
or rage, or addiction;
anything to lessen the prickle of the inner wound.

It is what the heart seeks that heals
though love often hidden
under waves and storms of conflict;
yet it is love that allows such things,
painful thoughts and desires to arise,
for love leads to the death of old ways,
elderly habits wearying with age,
deep groves in the inner man or woman
that must be re-hoed and planted.

A life long journey
hidden from sight,
yet our hidden self,
our wounds and strife
are all experienced and seen
by the true Love,
that waters our love
to ever deeper healing,
peace and the letting go of fear. Amen.

Aug 25 2013 03:59 PM
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