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Prayer and healing

Posted by markdohle , 31 August 2013 · 188 views

Life is good as well as short.  In prayer, the Holy Spirit leads us into seeking that which is eternal and lasting, freeing us, perhaps slowly from all that impedes us on our journey to ever deeper love and union with God.

In prayer we bring all with us, in the Our Father there is no ’I', nor is there a ‘me’, it is "Our Father", not “My Father".  It is this prayer that heals us slowly and surely to forgive those who have hurt us…. merely saying this prayer with understanding and intention leads to ever deeper healing of the heart.....though God's time is not ours.

So we pray for those who struggle as we do, this leads to deeper compassion as well as empathy.......even if at times it is based on an act of faith and the will, watered by grace.  Dying to self leads to inner conflict, prayer helps to heal that deep divide.