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To take root

Posted by markdohle , 27 September 2013 · 249 views

To take root

With age comes the wisdom
to embrace life's joys
and to endure with grace…. sorrow.

For bitterness is a bitter fruit
that poisons everything,
making joy impossible to experience.

We choose,
though it can be a struggle
to the death
for hope to take root.

All souls bleed,
wounds hidden beneath our smiles,
no one is left innocent
from the wounding of evil,
yet we can heal one another
by allowing grace's calling
to enter out hearts.

Though the struggle will always
be intense, hidden,
and an often lonely road.

Compassion shown to others,
empathy felt through self knowledge
is how we companion one another,
allows us to reach out in acceptance,
understanding and love.