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Inner tempest

Posted by markdohle , 30 September 2013 · 191 views

Talk about having a strange conversation, this one happened a few years ago.  I came over to the retreat house, in a very unsettled mood, trying to get come inner balance when a woman came over to say hi to me.  She beamed at me and said

"Oh Mark you are always so peaceful and calm, how do you do it"?

I just stared at her and forced a smile and said something like thank you and went away.  Our inner state is not always obvious no matter how strongly felt.  Of course the storm calmed down and peace returned, but over the years I know that it is hurricane season in most peoples souls, if not today, then tomorrow, some kind of inner storm will happen.  Even if "a tempest in a tea pot", it is still a tempest when going through it.